Weekly Bulletin

“The Atelog” is a weekly bulletin published by the Goleta Lions Club that provides a recap of the Tuesday club meetings.
November 8 2016


First VP Lion Justin called the meeting to order in the absence of Lion President John, who along with several other members were no doubt monitoring the election booths, which meant that our members in attendance were fairly sparse.

A gleeful Lion Ed, who announced he would be holding an election celebration party likely early on in the evening was called upon to lead us in the pledge. Lion Blessing provided a blessing and Leo the Lion was granted immunity. Regretfully that didn’t stop Lion Leo from dinging those present for bucks even if you did show him your voting stub.

First VP Lion Justin circulated some correspondence which including a thank you note from San Marcos High School for our contribution to their athletic program. Second VP Lion Dave wasn’t present and thus, we were spared a 15 minute presentation about the various committees serving under him. The Mangy Lion Bob briefly reported on the sight and hearing activities. Lion Ed, who by this time was handing out blue balloons and blue streamers for his anticipated victory party provided a calendar update. Our Christmas party sign up sheet for Thursday, December 15th was being circulated. A sign-up sheet was being circulated for volunteers for the downtown holiday parade from 5:30 – 9 pm on Friday, December 2nd. On Saturday, December 10, Goleta will have its own holiday parade in which we might be involved with Lions John Pace and Donn Zellet organizing our participation.

Lion Sir Isaac provided a recap of the bowling league activities in which the Goleta Lions team was prominently and comfortably settled in last place. Notwithstanding this, several other members who bowl on other teams were apparently vying for this coveted spot and it was noted that the only 200 game of the week was accomplished by Lion John Raffero of the X-men (3 spots removed from last place). Although not reported on, Lion Paul Peterson continues to decimate the field in the cover 5 standings. Halfway through the season, only 4 members are in the black (i.e. positive numbers).


Former City of Santa Barbara Public Works Director, Lion Dave, introduced Ryan Drake who is the Water Services Manager for the Goleta Water District. Ryan hails from USC and also has a former background as an attorney, but otherwise seemed to be a pretty nice guy.

Ryan presented for us a powerpoint presentation on our historic drought and outlined the Water District’s proposal for getting us through this tough period. Traditionally, the community obtained about 10,000 acre feet yearly from Lake Cachuma; however, currently, we only extract some 500 acre feet annually.

Accordingly, in the last 2-3 years, we’ve had to rely on state water, for which we have received probably 60% of our allocation, which is the best that can be expected. Lake Cachuma is now at 7% of capacity. So drastic are the low levels that we’ve had to relocate the emergency pumping system to the middle of Lake Cachuma.

We have also tapped into our ground water systems, which has been a saving grace. We have 7 wells running 24/7. Additionally, there are 2 well rehab projects underway and 4-6 more planned to be in operation. Previously from 2003 to 2013, none of the water in the ground water basin was used, allowing for the reserve to build up, which has enabled us to tap into this source.

Goleta Water District has considered, but only as a last option a partnership with Santa Barbara in the Desalination Plant. One bright aspect that has resulted over the last couple of years is the voluntary reduction of water usage in the area, with single family residences accounting for a 32% reduction.

Ryan also briefly shared with us what was happening with the recent lawsuit from the landowner who was anticipating on extracting some 200,000 acre feet from the foothills of Goleta and selling the water to Montecito residents. The Water District contends that such waters flow down to the water sheds which fill up our ground basins and thus presented their arguments to the court that you can’t export water out of the water sheds.


Two of the Lion Bobs, Archer Man and Muhr in abstention, picked up 5 bucks. Someone drew for the lucky black orb for Lion Dave Enyert, but “blew” it. Next week, Lion Ed will have a chance for approx. $185 and he quickly announced he would use these funds to pay for his trip for the Inauguration and celebration of Hilary’s historic win and resurgence of the Democratic Party in the House and Senate.