Wall of Honor

melvin_jonesMelvin Jones was born on January 13, 1879 in Fort Thomas, Arizona, the son of a United States Army captain who commanded a troop of scouts. Later, his father was transferred and the family moved east. As a young man, Melvin Jones made his home in Chicago, Illinois, became associated with an insurance firm and in 1913 formed his own agency. He soon joined the Business Circle, a businessmen’s luncheon group, and was shortly elected secretary. This group was one of many at that time devoted solely to promoting the financial interests of their membership. Because of their limited appeal, they were destined to disappear. Melvin Jones, however, had other plans. “What if these men,” he asked, “who are successful because of their drive, intelligence and ambition, were to put their talents to work improving their communities?” Thus, at his invitation, delegates from men’s clubs met in Chicago to lay the groundwork for such an organization and on June 7, 1917, Lions Clubs International was born.

Goleta Lions Club Melvin Jones Award Winners

Bobby Ammons
C.W. Bryant
Jack Carlson
Frank Florez
John Fowler
Chase Gregory
Frank Heintz
Ed Holdren
Russ Johnston
Vic Johnston
Bob Locke
Bob Mangus
Mac McDougall
Joe Mueller
Jerry Newton
Jim Petrovich
Bill Porter
Jack Rutten
Dick Tyler
Donn Zellet
Andy Ponce

Lion of the Year

2016-17 John Pace
2015-16 Jerry Newton
2014-15 Bobby Blessing
2013-14 John Fowler
2012-13 Dave Johnson
2011-12 Mike Pickett
2010-11 Jack Carlson
2009-10 Wayne Heisinger
2008-09 Andy Ponce
2007-08 Chase Gregory
2006-07 Joe Mueller
2005-06 Bob Gray
2004-05 Drew Wakefield
2003-04 Dave Mead
2001-02 Hal Hamm
2000-01 Jerry Newton
1999-00 Al Parziale
1998-99 Russ Johnston
1997-98 Donn Zellet
1996-97 Bob Mangus
1995-96 Bill Masho
1994-95 Bob Locke

Vic Johnston Presidents Award

2016-17 Bob Archer
2014-15 John Fowler
2013-14 Leo Bopp / Silas Jackson
2012-13 John Fowler
2011-12 Jerry Newton
2010-11 Paul Petersen
2009-10 Chase Gregory
2008-09 Donn Zellet
2007-08 Wayne Heisinger
2006-07 Bill Porter
2005-06 Donn Zellet
2004-05 Bill Morris
2003-04 Bill Porter
2001-02 Bill Porter
2000-01 Bill Morris
1999-00 John Adam
1998-99 Bob Locke
1997-98 Jerry Newton
1996-97 John Adam
1995-96 Ray Ratinoff
1994-95 Dan Keyser